International Research Establishment for Energy and Environment (IREEE) has been established in the year 2014 and is formally registered under Kerala State (Reg. No. 59/18), Government of India. The prime motive of IREEE is to carry out constructive research, product development, consultancy services, and collaborative business ventures, by integrating scientists, professionals, and researchers from around the globe, to address the contemporary scientific and technical challenges within and related to the broad domains of energy and environment.

  • Vision
    To be a global leader in promoting research, innovation, consultancy, and commercialization in energy, environment, and related domains.

  • Mission
    The mission of the International Research Establishment for Energy and Environment (IREEE) is to promote research, innovation, product development and commercialization, to address the contemporary challenges in energy, environment, water, agriculture, and related areas, eventually contributing to achieving the national and international sustainable development goals. As part of this mission, IREEE opens collaborative avenues for individuals and organizations to transform their novel ideas into commercially viable products and services.
  • Values
    Collaboration; Motivation; Integrity


To accomplish its vision and mission, IREEE has set the following objectives:

  • To integrate the intellectuals for effective utilization of their expertise in bridging the gap between academic research and real market, as well as to offer consultancy services.
  • To collaborate with leading research and development (R&D) organizations for exploring and developing new products.
  • To establish a scholarly publication press for the dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge through both print and digital media.
  • To establish healthy relations and active interactions with governmental bodies.

  • To provide consultancy services to industries in developing new technologies, and in troubleshooting and resolving various technical issues.

  • To establish a well-equipped, full-fledged software laboratory with all licensed packages, which would facilitate training and carry out all R&D tasks.

  • To organize series of competitive events and exhibitions for higher secondary and university level students with a view to identify and promote the promising ideas emerging in young minds on tackling various scientific and technological challenges in the areas of energy and environment.

  • To establish community-level incubation centers for school and college students for developing their creativity and transforming their novel ideas into commercial products.

  • To establish an R&D center in India with its affiliated centers around the globe for pure and applied research in energy, environment, and related domains.

  • To establish a commercial umbrella under which individuals, groups, and organizations are motivated to present their technically sound and commercially viable ideas for potential commercialization in collaboration with IREEE.

IREEE Experts

Dr. M. Abdul MujeebuChairman / Founder
Dr. Asif Afzal
Dr. Lalit
Dr. Sreejith Aravindakshan
Dr. Farheen Bano
Dr. Saleel
Dr. Mario Toledo
Dr. Jose A. Rabi

Join as IREEE Expert

We invite highly qualified and experienced scientists and professionals from around the globe to join our team of experts. The IREEE experts will supervise individual business units of IREEE and offer consultancy services according to their areas of expertise. Interested individuals may send their CV to:


We invite higher education institutions, R&D organizations, and industries to become a collaborator of IREEE. Interested entities are encouraged to contact us:

IREEE Business

All commercial ventures of IREEE are carried out under IREEE Innovations and Sustainable Technologies Pvt. Ltd., which is established in June 2021. Please visit the website for more details.

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Constructive research, product development, consultancy services, and collaborative business ventures

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