IREEE Innovations and Sustainable Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is the commercial entity affiliated to International Research Establishment of Energy and Environment (IREEE). The main objective of this business unit is to integrate all cutting-edge technologies, research publication and innovation lab within the scope of IREEE, under one umbrella.

  • IREEE Technologies
  • IREEE Press
  • IREEE Innovation Lab
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IREEE Technologies

  • IREEE Renewable Energy Technologies
  • IREEE Waste-to-Energy Technologies
  • IREEE Hydrogen and Syngas Production Technologies
  • IREEE Recycling Technologies

  • IREEE Pollution Control Technologies

  • IREEE Wastewater Treatment Technologies

  • IREEE Sustainable Agriculture Technologies

  • IREEE Green Building Technologies

  • IREEE Energy Harvesting Technologies

  • IREEE Energy Storage Technologies


The main motive of IREEE Press is to establish a brand for quality publications in the domain. We will focus on journals, books, handbooks, manuals, codes etc. in both digital and print media.


IREEE Innovation Lab

The concept of IREEE Innovation Lab is to establish community-level small incubation centers where young children can develop and utilize their creative and innovative minds for bringing out commercially viable products that can contribute towards achieving the sustainable development goals.


Creative Steps towards Energy Efficient and Sustainable Future

Constructive research, product development, consultancy services, and collaborative business ventures

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