Call for Business Proposals

We invite technically sound proposals from individuals, teams, and institutions/organizations for potential commercial launching. The proposals must fall under any of the abovementioned technologies. We will guide you to protect your intellectual property and introduce the proposals to the right investors and/or decision-makers. The main motive of this service is to change the conventional trend of ‘job-seeking’ to ‘job-making’. Most of the jobseekers have enough potential to create jobs for themselves and others, and we are here to guide them in a win-win and fully transparent manner. We believe that this initiative can remarkably address the growing unemployment problem and substantially contribute towards achieving our sustainable development goals.

Call for Investors

It is commonly noticed that many investors fail to achieve their expected return on investment due to lack of proper guidance in terms of the right place/way of investment. Our team of experts will guide the investors to ensure maximum security, profitability, global recognition, and reputation of their business, with no room for failure.

Call for Professional Consultants

We invite highly skilled and experienced professionals under the theme of IREEE to join our team as consultants. We will ensure the best deserving monetary value for your consultancy.

Call for Business Collaborators

We are open for joint ventures under the themes of IREEE. We invite startups, and established companies to work with us in our national and global projects.