Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Diesel Engine Fueled by Biodiesel-Ethanol-Diesel Fuel Blends

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Your Content Goes Here Effects of blending various oxygenated additives There is growing interest to study the effect of blending various oxygenated additives with diesel or biodiesel fuel on engine performance and emission characteristics. This study aims to analyze the performance and exhaust emission of a four-stroke, four-cylinder diesel engine [...]

Performance Analysis of a Combined Cycle Power Plant with Simultaneous Cooling of Inlet Air Streams to the Compressor and Condenser

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Your Content Goes Here Thermodynamic performance analysis This paper presents the thermodynamic performance analysis of an existing combined cycle power plant to be retrofitted with a waste heat driven aqua lithium bromide absorption refrigerator for cooling the inlet air streams to the compressor and air-cooled steam condenser. The power plant [...]

Engine Performance and Exhaust Emission Analysis of Biodiesel Produced From Crude Jatropha Oil

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Your Content Goes Here Biodiesel blended with diesel This study analyzes the performance of biodiesel blended with diesel for fueling a diesel engine. Biodiesel was produced from crude Jatropha oil with a high acid value (15.99 mgKOH/g) by using a two-step alkaline (base) catalyst process. The engine performance and emissions [...]

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