The Objectives

In order to accomplish its vision and mission, IREEE has set the following objectives:

  • To establish regional chapters in each country, comprising experts and budding researchers, which would execute the various tasks assigned to them in their country in compliance with the strategic policies of IREEE.
  • To conduct series of conferences around the globe on various themes under the broad domains of energy and environment. The selected papers in each conference would be published in the related journals published by IREEE.
  • To publish series of reference and text books by inviting experts to act as editors who would form their editorial team in shaping the books.
  • To publish series of scientific research journals on specific titles within the scope of IREEE.
  • To collaborate with leading research and development (R&D) organizations for exploring up to date developments the field, in a mutually beneficial manner.
  • To offer hands on training for academicians and researchers in identifying a research problem, conducting research, writing and publishing.
  • To establish healthy relations and active interactions with governmental bodies pertaining to energy and environment, for contributing to materializing their missions.
  • To provide consultancy services to industries in developing new technologies, troubleshooting and resolving various technical issues.
  • To establish a well-equipped, full-fledged software laboratory with all licensed packages, which would facilitate training and carry out all R&D tasks.
  • To organize series of competitive events for higher secondary and university level students with a view to identify and promote the promising ideas emerging in young minds on tackling various scientific and technological challenges in the areas of energy and environment. The events include product design competition, model exhibition, paper presentation and related activities, at regional and global levels.