International Journal of Advanced Thermofluid Research (IJATR) is the first prestigious scholarly publication of International Research Establishment for Energy and Environment (IREEE), and it has been emerged out of the need for a fast responding, high quality journal in which the innovations in Energy, Thermodynamics, Heat transfer and Fluid Flow, are brought under one umbrella. As the scientific research is progressing with a dramatic pace, the researchers often encounter desperate processing delay in publishing their contributions. If the findings are not documented in time, it would be quite likely that the contributions become outdated, thereby leaving their entire effort vain. On the other side, the quality concern of scientific research and publication needs serious attention. To face these challenges, IJATR has a dedicated team of editors and reviewers with a commitment to ensure finishing the review process within a maximum of two months, while ensuring quality and novelty. The journal will serve as a forum for practitioners, researchers and managers to share their knowledge and experience in the design, development, implementation, management and evaluation of various thermofluid applications.

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Fast responding, high quality journals with a dedicated team of editors and reviewers with an emphasis on quality and novelty.

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We are a group of enthusiastic researchers with a view to address diverse scientific and technical challenges within the broad domains of Energy and Environment.

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